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Tyrone Dobbs will be the victim of domestic violence when he's battered by live in lover Kirsty. In scenes to be screened in June Kirsty will notch up her 'bunny boiler' behaviour from psychological to physical.

DON'T SAY WE DIDN'T TELL YOU. Bookmakers suspended betting this week on who killed Frank Foster after they realised we had inside information that fingered the killer as his mum Anne. We've had loads of 'thank you emails' from punters and regular readers of our site who have made a lot of money and we are so glad we could help them and hope you were one of them. Here's the story:


Bookmakers yesterday suspended betting on who killed Corrie rapist Frank Foster after ­thousands of pounds was wagered following a suspected leak.

Money was piled on at Betfred after the ITV murderer was apparently “named” on the internet.

A Street source said: “Everyone has been playing ball and agreeing not to reveal Frank’s killer but it seems the whole thing has been blown on the internet."

The death of evil rapist Frank, played by Andrew Lancel, has been one of Corrie’s most sensational plots in recent years.

Viewers have been left puzzled as to who could have killed him – he had so many enemies there were plenty of people in the frame.

Over the next few weeks the drama peaks when the murderer is finally unmasked.

Frank was found dead in the Underworld factory on Monday after stitching up partner Carla Connor (Alison King) and dumping his unsuspecting but loyal lover Sally Webster (Sally Dynevor).

He also had run-ins with Sally’s ex-husband Kevin (Michael Le Vell) and alcoholic bookmaker Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne).

Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh) also hated the slimy businessman and held a grudge against him for ripping off Carla in a factory deal.

Before betting was suspended Betfred had the odds of the killer at: Peter Barlow 6-1, Kevin Webster 6-1, Carla Connor 8-1, Michelle Connor 8-1 and Sally Webster out at 25-1.


Anne Foster will soon be unmasked as the killer of her own son and rapist Frank Foster. Anne does the deadly deed after overhearing him gloat to Carla Connor about raping her.

Anne is disgusted that Frank could lie to her about the rape and blames him for the death of her husband Johnny who became ill with the worry of Frank being tried for the rape. When she's exposed Anne will also leave Sally Webster to die and threaten to kill Carla with a knife. But don't worry folks the cavalry arrives in the shape of Kevin Webster. Kevin saves the day and distracts Anne long enough for Carla to grab the knife and the truth is out. Sally is saved and now that Anne is exposed as the killer all the other suspects for Frank's murder including Michelle Connor, Kevin Webster, Peter Barlow & Carla all kiss and make up.

ROYLE Family actress Sue Johnston is poised to ditch her slob screen hubby and take a new mumsy role — in the Rovers Return.

Coronation Street chiefs want her to join the soap as landlady Stella's mother.

Sue, 68 — long-suffering wife of Jim Royle in the BBC comedy starring Ricky Tomlinson — was last night said to be "keen" to sign up.

A Corrie insider said: "Everyone is thrilled. She's a brilliant actress. We can't wait to have a member of the Royle Family walking down those famous cobbles and enjoying a drink in the Rovers."

The move would mark a return to the ITV1 show after telly veteran Sue had a cameo role for a handful of episodes playing bookie Sammy Chadwick's wife in the early 1980s.

Long suffering Corrie housewife Sunita Alahan will be arrested for a breach of the peace after drowning her sorrows over her ailing marriage.

In upcoming scenes Sunita will end up being cautioned by police. She has a few too many when friend Stella Price offers her a shoulder to cry on and takes her to the Bistro for a drink. But it ends in tears when drunken Sunita jumps on the roof of a car just as its owner also leaves the Bistro. The owner calls the police, who arrest Sunita before carting her off to the station. When fed-up Dev (Jimmi Harkishin, 52) hears about his wife’s arrest he cruelly tells everyone: “It’s no surprise to me because she has finally lost the plot and I’m going to do nothing to help her. He cruelly adds, “A long cold night in the slammer will teach her a valuable lesson.”

Bleary eyed and it has to be said looking tartish... Helen Flanagan leaves a London nightclub Chinawhites after partying with her footballing boyfriend Scott Sinclair. Now we like Helen and think Weatherfield is worse off without her but we have to say we hope she doesn't spiral into being a full time WAG who thinks the best way to get noticed is to be pictured in the semi-nude. You're much better than that Helen.

Niiki Patel is being axed from Weatherfield again after boss Phil Collinson thought that her character Amber had run out of steam for now. Amber played a big part in the lesbian storyline that climaxed with Sophie Webster dumping Sian Powers at the altar. Sian has now also exited Weatherfield leaving poor old Sophie with no girlfriend at all! Ambers exit happens after she clashes once to often with step mum Sunita with the last straw being when Amber holds a party at home whilst she's supposed to be babysitting Sunita & Dev's twins.  

Just what she always WANTED. Michelle Keegan shows off a ridiculous 'bunch' of red roses sent to her by what's  his face from the Wanted. Sickening isn't it! We wondered what's in it for him?

Not looking too happy at being pictured  at poor old Frank Foster's funeral is Michelle, Carla & Maria. Get a life girls... if it wasn't for the press you'd all be out of jobs! Frank is murdered by his mum Anne after she discovers he lied to her and really did rape Carla. After Sally & Carla discover she murdered her son... Sally was knocked unconscious and left to die and Carla was threatened with a knife. Ecky thump... who'd live in Weatherfield!!!

Apparently Corrie minders had to call the cops because the hissy cast didn't like photographers being at the location shoot and they were policely asked to move on! CHILDISH OR WHAT!!!   

Is there a KILLER loose in the Corrie Studios??? CORRIE stars fear a maniac is loose on their set after a plug was tampered with to make it potentially lethal.

The soap’s top brass were astonished when staff discovered the rewired heater.

It had been fixed so it would give a “potentially fatal electric shock” if it was switched on. The culprit has not been identified and nobody at the Manchester-based soap knows why the appliance was tampered with.

While some think it was just a “do gooder” trying to fix the heater, others fear it could be someone with a grudge against the show planning a dramatic revenge. A memo has been sent to all cast and crew from head of production Robbie Sandison.

He explained the heater had not been checked by a professional for more than a year. And he warned: “Most seriously, all the wires in the plug were connected to the wrong pins. “The flex had been cut back with all the wires trimmed to length and the cord grip correctly clamped to the outer sheath so there was no outward sign of anything wrong. We don’t know when the reconnection was carried out or by whom. Luckily the supply was protected by a residual current device. However, not all the sockets are protected by RCDs and this could have resulted in one of us receiving a potentially fatal electric shock.

Despite Kym Marsh putting on a brave face about why her 'partner' and Hollyoaks 'cast off' Jamie Lomas is spending time away from her in America... we have been told that the couple are on the verge of splitting. Their continuing rows and his appalling behaviour to anyone that does anything he doesn't like, is said to behind the split. People living close to their Worsley home have said that Jamie's foul language and threats to other people in the area have made them public enemy number one and Kym is said to be secretly furious at how he is unable to control his vicious temper. He was recently overheard to deliver a loud foul mouthed tirade and threaten to kill a photographer who tried to take a picture of him and Kym with their baby. 

CORRIE headmaster Brian Packham gets floored by Kylie Platt — as he tries to "take-away" her stash of unhealthy food from the school gates.

FORMER Corrie favourite Katherine Kelly is thrilled by the rave reviews her new play is getting.The actress, who bowed out as brassy Weatherfield barmaid Becky McDonald just weeks ago, is romantic lead Kate Hardcastle in Oliver Goldsmith's She Stoops To Conquer at London's National Theatre.Katherine, who has dyed her hair brown for the role, told This Morning: "The reviews have been amazing. It's lovely being in a hit.

This man is not fit to head up our beloved Corrie. In many people's eyes Phil Collinson is a 'dead man walking' and rumours persist that he won't be producer for much longer. Hallelujah!!! It gives us no pleasure to agree with the school of thought that thinks it's time for him to be replaced. Lets get rid of him as soon as possible!  



Monday 20 February 2012 7:30pm

Chesney agrees to look after Joseph while Katy goes shopping but has to cancel when a market meeting is called. Katy is clearly struggling with a crying baby and, desperate to escape, she leaves him alone in the house. But when Faye catches her, she's forced to cover and asks Faye to look after him instead. Faye's doing a good job and, feeling very pleased with herself, she puts some toast under the grill before nipping outside to dispose of a dirty nappy. But when the door blows shut and Faye's locked out she starts to panic as smoke pours from the grill! Gail is worried that Audrey is considering taking Lewis back. She's tempted but when he begs her forgiveness, she stands firm and throws him out of the salon. But when a huge delivery of flowers later arrive will Audrey be swayed?

When Tommy tells Tina he wants to be more than good mates, she's prepared after her conversation with Stella. Not wanting to ruin their friendship, will she knock him back?

Beth enjoys winding up Tracy . Carla's furious when Frank's interference causes her to lose a new contract with potential buyer Jenny. Monday 20

February 2012 8:30pm

Panicking, Faye finds Anna and Owen. They rush over and Owen breaks the door open and puts out the fire. Anna takes Joseph clear of the smoke. Returning home, Chesney's horrified to see what's happened and, moreso, what could have happened. As Katy rushes in making her excuses to Faye, they trail off as she sees everybody. Exhausted, Katy tries to explain but when she slips up and reveals she's left Joseph alone before, they're horrified. Picking up Joseph and walking out, Owen claims this is the proof that they're too young to look after a baby. Ches, Fiz and Anna go after him, working to diffuse the situation. But when they get back to the house, Katy's gone. Has she done a runner?

Following Tina's rejection, Tommy returns to what he does best and using Tyrone as his wing man he chats up a girl in the Bistro. Back at the pub, Tina confides in Stella that she only turned Tommy down because she doesn't want to get hurt again. Stella convinces her Tommy's worth taking a chance on so, psyching herself up, Tina heads out to confess her feelings to Tommy but it may be too late.

Having decided they need to talk, Audrey tracks Lewis down to a large house. When he's reticent to let her in, she assumes he's with a woman. But when an embarrassed Lewis is forced to admit he's living in a shabby bedsit while he settles his debts, Audrey's stunned. Will her new view of Lewis convince Audrey that he's changed?

A distracted Peter hands Karl an unstamped betting slip. Carla's furious when she finds Frank, Anne and Sally toasting their success at landing a big order after Frank blew her deal. Will she turn to the bottle?

Thursday 23 February 2012 7:30pm

There's still no sign of Katy. An exhausted Chesney has been ringing her friends and the hospitals all night so he's relieved when Izzy reveals she's heard from Katy and is going to meet her. Katy admits to Izzy that she's really missing Chesney and Joseph but she's worried she's like their mum and can't cope. Will Izzy be able to convince her to come home? Meanwhile, Owen and Chesney clash over what's best for Joseph but when controlling Owen pushes him too far, Chesney reacts.

When Steve tells Tracy she'll have to pay half the mortgage, she asks Peter for a job at the bookies. It's going well till she snaps at Beth and Peter admits he can't trust her with the customers. Witnessing her hatred of Beth, Steve is struck by an idea and asks Jason to take out the partition wall at no.13. He's got a plan!

Carla has been secretly drinking when Peter arrives at the factory and asks her to pick up Simon from school. She hesitantly agrees but when Simon refuses to go with her, she's forced to grab him and frogmarch him from the school gates. But Brian witnesses the incident.

Tommy's spent the night with Jodie. He brags to Jason just as a hurt Tina walks in. Will she reveal her true feelings to Tommy as Jodie tries to track down her man? Jealous, Kirsty gives Tyrone a grilling about his part in last night's antics. Peter refuses to pay out on Karl's unstamped betting slip. Kylie finds an unusual ally in Lewis when Brian has a go at her over the contents of Max's lunchbox. Impressed by his banter, she asks Audrey why she won't take Lewis back.

Friday 24 February 2012 7:30pm
Tracy's delighted as Jason comes to knock down the partition wall, presuming Steve is moving out and she's won. But as she enjoys a celebratory meal with Deirdre and Amy, the front door opens and in walk Beth and her son Craig.

Owen's like a bear with a sore head, firing off at his workers. But confiding in Anna, and apologising to Faye, he admits he now realizes how damaging his temper can be. Will he be forgiven? Meanwhile, Chesney's lost without Katy, when will she return home?

As talk of Carla and Simon's run in hits the street, Hayley and Julie offer to talk to her rather than Brian. But when she explodes, presuming the whole factory has been gossiping about her, it's Carla who gives them the ammunition. Enjoying her mistake, Frank pounces while Carla's down and again offers to buy her out. Will a broken Carla agree?

Tommy is overwhelmed by Jodie's enthusiasm for him and Tina's enjoying witnessing his discomfort.

Friday 24 February 2012 8:30pm
Ken outlines Brian's concerns about Carla to Peter who then rushes off to talk to Simon, convinced Ken's got it wrong. But when asked what happened, Simon lies for effect leaving Peter unsure of what to believe. News of the incident has spread and when Stella gets wind of it, she berates Peter for trusting Carla with Simon. Meanwhile, Carla meets with contact Jenny again. After Frank blew their last deal, she admits she won't work with Carla until Frank's out of the picture. Agreeing to put work her way if Carla gets out of her partnership with Frank, Carla's got a lot of thinking to do. But back at home, Peter just wants to hear her account of what happened with Simon. As Carla struggles to defend herself, Leanne arrives at the Rovers to an expectant Stella.

As Beth and Craig start to unpack, Tracy tries to phone Steve about her lodger from hell. Realising he has moved virtual strangers in with his daughter, will Steve do a U-turn?

Katy tells Chesney she left Joseph home alone because she needed a break. Can her family convince her that with their support she will be able to cope?

Tommy's alarmed by the speed at which Jodie is moving but as he tries to cool things will she realise that this is about someone else?