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09th December 1960 - This was how a national newspaper of that day described the first ever episode of Corrie.


Simon Gregson in some sort of hideous disguise or just wearing an unwanted Xmas gift to shield him against the freezing Manchester weather. 

Alison King pictured here outside Manchester's Science Museum promoting the town's favourite bitter Boddingtons and err... matching shoes and knickers! 

Tina O'Brien pre-pregnancy and before recently having her baby daughter. Lets see how fast she can gat that flat tummy back!!!

Samia Ghadie (Now Smith) taken six years ago. And to think Nick Tilsley dumped her...stupid boy! Love to know if she still has that outfit!!! - and if she ever wears it!!!

Some actors leave Coronation Street and you don't hear much from them. Some of them virtually disappear from view but some actors go on to bright lights, big city and steady work. Suranne Jones (aka Karen McDonald)has been one of the success stories. This summer, she'll be in ITV's medical drama, Harley Street and is also appearing in a three part drama, also for ITV called Unforgiven.

Michelle Keegan pictured here by the sea shore on holiday in Majorca.

Some hairdressers from Corrie hair salon. From back row - left to right: Denise Osbourne (Denise Black), Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls), Candice Stowe (Nicki Sanderson), Fiona Middleton (Angela Griffin), Maria Connor (Samia Smith), Valerie Barlow (Anne Reid), Maxine Peacock (Tracy Shaw) & Sarah Grimshaw (Tina O'Brien)


Coronation Street is the Street in which most of the show's action takes place, Below is a list of characters who reside on the street.

Odd Side:

Rovers Return Inn: Becky and Steve McDonald & 'son' Max Turner

Number 1: Ken Barlow, Deirdre Barlow, daughter Tracy and granddaughter Amy. 

Number 3: Emily Bishop & Norris Cole 

Number 5: Fiz Stape and baby daughter Hope

Number 7: Maria Connor 

Number 9: Tyrone Dobbs & Tommy Duckworth 

Number 11: Eileen Grimshaw, son Jason and his girlfriend Rosie Webster & Sean Tully & boyfriend Marcus Dent.

Number 13:

Number 15a

Even Side:

Number 4: Kevin (by his fingertips), Sally and daughter Sophie Webster and her friend Sian Powers. 

Number 6: The Windass family 

Number 8: Gail Platt, David Platt & wife Kylie and Nick Tilsley 

Number 10a: Rita Sullivan

Number 12 (flat): 

New Development:

Flat 1: Tina McIntyre

Weatherfield businesses:

Rovers Return Inn public house, Coronation Street owned by Steve McDonald and managed by wife Becky.   

D&S Alahan's corner shop, 15 Coronation Street, owned and operated by Dev Alahan and wife Sunita. 

Underworld factory, 14 Coronation Street, operated by Carla Connor.

The Kabin newsagents, 10 Coronation Street, owned and operated by Rita Sullivan and Norris Cole.

Audrey's Hair & Beauty Salon, 2 Coronation Street, owned and operated by Audrey Roberts who makes it a personal crusade to employ as many of her relatives as possible. 

Prima Doner take-away, 18 Victoria Street, owned by Dev Alahan after he buys it from Jerry Morton.

Streetcars taxi firm, Victoria Street, licensed by Lloyd Mullaney, owned 50% by Lloyd and 50% by Steve McDonald although you'd never believe it the way Steve always pulls rank over Lloyd. 

Roy's Rolls café, 16 Victoria Street, owned and operated by Roy Cropper and his 'wife' Hayley (a.k.a Harold Patterson)

Elliott and Sons butchers, 14 Victoria Street, presently its all a bit up in air who runs the shop.

Webster's Auto Centre garage, 16 Coronation Street, owned and operated by Kevin Webster with mechanic Tyrone Dobbs as a partner. 

Webster's Auto Centre garage, 16 Coronation Street, owned and operated by Kevin Webster with mechanic Tyrone Dobbs as a partner. 

Websters Builders Yard, Victoria Street, owned by Owen Armstrong. 

Turf Accountants, 9 Rosamund Street, Owned by Peter Barlow and bought with his son Peter's inheritance. Peter lives above the shop with his son Simon and Leanne Battersby.

Areas of Weatherfield

Town Centre

The centre of Weatherfield comprises all streets along Rosamund Street, starting at Curzon Street in the north and ending at Victoria Street in the south.Places of interest in the town centre are Weatherfield Central Library, the DHSS, Queen's Shopping Precinct, Bessie Street Primary School and Weatherfield Town Hall. The supermarket in the town centre of Weatherfield is Freshco which taken over the old Bettabuy store in the 1990s.

Other streets in the area include Mawdsley Street, Inkerman Street, Crimea Street, Bessie Street and Balaclava Terrace. Weatherfield has a crown court where Tracy Barlow was sentenced to 15 years for the murder of Charlie Stubbs, and a magistrates court where several residents have appeared in the dock including Les Battersby, Rita Sullivan, Kevin Webster, Tracy Barlow and Angela Harris. There is also a prison.


The Oakhill area of Weatherfield is in the north-west of the town and is reputed to be the 'posh end'. It is home to Weatherfield's only independent school, Oakhill, which also takes the name of the area. Rosie Webster attended the school from 2004 to 2007.

In the series, Audrey Roberts and Betty Williams both live in Oakhill. Betty Williams (formerly Turpin) has lived on Hillside Crescent since 1970, having lived at two addresses in the same street. Audrey moved to 5 Grasmere Drive with her late husband Alf in 1989.

Weatherfield Quays

The Weatherfield Quays development was completed in 1989 on the banks of the River Irwell. Mike Baldwin moved into his flat at Montreal House in 1989, where he lived until his death in 2006. Mike's son Danny was living with Mike at the time. He later inherited the apartment. He moved out in late 2006.

Other notable residents of the Weatherfield Quays have been Steve McDonald, Alma Halliwell (formerly Baldwin), Dev Alahan, Maya Sharma and Danny Baldwin, and the only current known residents are Tony Gordon and Carla Connor.

Location filming for the Weatherfield Quays takes place at the Salford Quays.

Newton and Ridley

The Newton and Ridley Brewery was established in Weatherfield in 1781. During the 19th century, Newton and Ridley expanded its operations, moving towards the acquisition and construction of new public houses.

Weatherfield Public Houses:

The Rovers Return Inn

In 1902 Newton & Ridley acquired the freehold to the newly built public house on Coronation Street. The pub was named "The Rovers Return Inn" and is the principal meeting place in Coronation Street. Although the house is no longer owned by Newton and Ridley, the brewery's products are still available.

The Flying Horse

In 1850 Newton and Ridley opened "The Flying Dutchman" at the corner of Jubilee Terrace. The name was changed in 1905 to "The Flying Horse" for patriotic reasons. Until around 1985, The Flying Horse was the biggest rival pub to the "Rovers Return", with the regulars from both houses clashing in many friendly contests such as a tug-of-war, mixed football and pub Olympics.

The Laughing Donkey

"The Laughing Donkey" can be found on Ondurman Street, overlooking North Cross Park. It was the stronghold of Nellie Harvey (Mollie Sugden), acquaintance and nemesis of Rovers Return landlady, Annie Walker.

The Queens

"The Queens" was built in 1931 and its situated towards the 'trendy' Weatherfield Quays, south of Weatherfield. The pub was introduced to Coronation Street in 1993, seeing current Rovers landlady Liz McDonald installed as landlady by Newton and Ridley.

The Weatherfield Arms

Another rival to the Rovers Return, "The Weatherfield Arms", appeared around 2003. Liz McDonald was the manager for a while here after she lost her job at the Rover's Return. Other Coronation Street residents such as Bev Unwin and Cilla Battersby-Brown have been employed here.

Educational institutions

A number of schools and colleges have featured in Coronation Street throughout the years.

Bessie Street Primary School

Formerly "Bessie Street Mixed Infants" and "Bessie Street Juniors", "Bessie Street Primary School" is the main institution for primary education in Weatherfield.

Many of the characters in the programme attended Bessie Street as children, including Ken Barlow, Dennis Tanner, Tracy Barlow, Nick Tilsley and Chesney Battersby-Brown.

Some characters have also worked there, the most notable being Ken Barlow who took his first teaching job at Bessie Street in 1961 where he worked intermittently until 1974. Esther Hayes, who lived at No.5 Coronation Street until 1962, also worked as a teacher at the school. The role of lollipop man at Bessie Street has been held by Albert Tatlock, Percy Sugden and Jack Duckworth.

Coronation Street residents currently attending are Joshua Peacock and Finlay Bryant.

Weatherfield High School

Formerly "Weatherfield Comprehensive School", "Weatherfield High School" is the main institution for secondary education in Weatherfield. The school specialises in the 11-16 age group, although some pupils have sat their A-Level examinations, which would suggest that the school has Sixth Form facilities.

Lucille Hewitt was the first character to sit her O-Level examinations at the newly formed Weatherfield Comprehensive in 1965. The school was created by the amalgamation of the Weatherfield School for Girls' and the Weatherfield Boys' School.

The school rarely featured until Ken Barlow returned to teaching in 1991, taking a post in the English department. By this time, Tracy Barlow was a pupil at the school, along with Steve and Andy McDonald and Nicky Tilsley. Derek Wilton worked as a caretaker at the school for a period in 1992. The school was referred to as 'Weatherfield Comp' in many scripts. Since 2004, references to 'Weatherfield Comp' have ceased and the school has started to be known as 'Weatherfield High'.

Other former pupils include Jenny Bradley, Toyah Battersby, Sarah Louise Platt, Candice Stowe, Todd Grimshaw, Aiden Critchley, Rosie Webster and Craig Harris. In 2004, Violet Wilson was identified as a former pupil of Ken Barlow and sometimes still referred to him as "sir".

The leavers of 2007 were: David Platt and Amber Kalirai, David left in the middle of his exams, after setting an exam paper on fire, his last words before leaving were "Schools out!"

Coronation Street residents currently attending are Ryan Connor, Sophie Webster, Chesney Battersby-Brown and Kayleigh Morton.

The only current Coronation Street character attending sixth form is Amber Kalirai.

Scenes at Weatherfield High School were filmed at Hope High School in Salford.

Oakhill School

Weatherfield's only private school is in the Oakhill area of the town.

The school first appeared in the programme in 1993 when Mike Baldwin offered to pay for his estranged son Mark Redman to be educated there. In 2004 Oakhill reappeared when Rosie Webster was accepted to the school where she studied for her GCSEs.

The only current character attending is Alex Neeson.

Scenes at Oakhill School are filmed on location at Cheadle Hulme School

Sport and recreation


Weatherfield County FC is the town's principal football team, referred to as playing in the Nationwide Conference in the English non-league. The fictional team has appeared in scripts since 1961 when David Barlow was a player. Warren Baldwin was signed for the team in 2004. The team strip is green and white.

Rugby League

Weatherfield Rugby League Club first appeared in scripts in 1999 when ex-player Duggie Ferguson joined the programme. Shelley Unwin (former Rovers manageress) was barmaid at the club's bar until 2001.

'The Red Rec'

Familiar term for "The Red Recreation Ground", this is Weatherfield's principal area for sport and recreation and is situated to the south east of the town. The Red Rec has a children's play area, grassed areas where football (soccer) pitches are marked out, and a woodland park area. The recreation ground has featured in the programme since the earl 1960s, and has always been referred to as 'The Red Rec'. The 'Red' in the name comes from the surface which is either red shale or crushed bricks packed down very tightly however it was suggested in a script from 2000 that the name was given because the site is a former battleground.

Local press

Weatherfield has its own local newspaper, The Weatherfield Gazette. A free local newspaper also existed until 1990, known as The Weatherfield Recorder, Also Weatherfeild has a tabloid newspaper called The Daily Pulse


After the burning down of Valandros Pizza place there are now two main restaurants featured namely The Clock & Delphine's. 


The main NHS medical facilities are located at Weatherfield General Hospital.

There is also a medical practice situated on the junction between Rosamund Street and Coronation Street. Gail Platt is employed as a receptionist at the practice. A former Coronation Street resident, Dr Matt Ramsden was employed there while he lived in Weatherfield.


A form of public transport is provided via a bus service called the Weatherfield Wayfarer. The bus can be boarded from the stop on Rosamund Street. A bus shelter there provides Weatherfield residents with a comfortable wait guarded from the elements, although with Victoria Street being closed, the temporary bus stop is outside the Medical Centre. The service is currently provided by a Stagecoach bus, branded Weatherfield Wayfarer. 

Metrolinks trams also pass through Weatherfield, it is unknown if tram stops are present though as most residents prefer to take the bus.